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Whilst most operators have a reasonable awareness of the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness and Best Practice, it isn’t always applied to the fullest – especially when it comes to maintenance providers.

A vehicle’s maintenance will only be as good as those who are entrusted with carrying out the work on behalf of the operator. In most cases, when it comes to a sub-standard maintenance provider, there are next to no regulatory actions that can be taken. A sub-standard provider can harm an operator’s OCRS, MOT pass rate and could lead to the issuance of PG9 prohibition notices.

Is it worth taking a chance with a substandard maintenance provider when an independent audit can provide you with peace of mind? In recent years, an increasing number of operators have become aware that they need to audit and review their external and internal maintenance providers to ensure that they are meeting the operator’s requirements.

We at Foster Transport Compliance are now able to audit an Operator’s Maintenance providers independent of the Operator, not just on paper, but up close and personal in the overalls and down in the pit!

It is our goal to assist our clients by reviewing, supporting, training, and guiding those who are chosen to take care of preventative maintenance on their behalf on a day-to-day basis.

This leads to several areas that need to be examined, including:

In short, this is an assessment of underpinning knowledge and procedures, with a practical element of the individual completing a safety inspection – overalls on and down the pit!

Our team will review all aspects of your processes and analyse your providers’ performance against these standards. We will provide you with advice, guidance and resolutions to any weaknesses found.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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The Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness and Best Practice is a set of guidelines that outline the minimum requirements for maintaining commercial vehicles in a roadworthy condition.

It is crucial to have a competent maintenance provider for a commercial vehicle as maintenance will only be as good as those who are entrusted with carrying out the work on behalf of the operator.

The areas that need to be examined when reviewing a maintenance provider's performance include the individual tasked with the work, safety inspection procedures, the method of inspection, understanding of legal minimum standards, and access to relevant inspection manuals.

Foster Transport Compliance can assist with reviewing a maintenance provider's performance by auditing and reviewing the provider's processes, analysing their performance against the relevant standards, and providing advice, guidance, and resolutions to any weaknesses found.

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Many operators are not thoroughly audited and only a few undertake internal audits. Even fewer have a “tick-box” approach to auditing. This is problematic because as we have seen, many clients come to us after a major compliance issue has arisen, at which point the underlying problem has been detected by the enforcement body. Get in touch with us to find out more about you can proactively monitor and audit systems.