Expert Witness Service

Expert Witness Service
Compliance Audits
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Our day-to-day work involves a wide range of legal matters; including maintenance defects, PG9 prohibitions, alleged violations of EU driving hours regulations or tachograph regulations, corporate manslaughter or conspiracy, drug smuggling cases to dangerous driving, overloading, and more.

In addition to providing expert reports, we attend Courts, Tribunals and Inquiries as Expert Witnesses to fulfil our legal duties as instructed by Barristers, Solicitors, Operators, Transport Managers, Insurance Companies and Individuals.

Investigations can begin through a variety of channels, and we are contacted at various stages to assist. Don’t hesitate to contact us, even before an accident or incident to understand how we can assist with a DVSA stop or visit, the issuance of a PG9 or receiving a summons. Even if the Public Inquiry brief arrives on your doorstep, there may still be time to act.

Experts should be consulted to verify the evidence. How credible are the allegations? Could there be an alternative explanation? Has all the evidence been considered? Many hours allegations are actually caused by errors in the driver’s record-keeping rather than actual violations of the regulations. These allegations may form part of a call to Public Inquiry.

Where applicable, we can review, advise, report and quickly implement and install appropriate systems to assure the Traffic Commissioner that compliance has and will improve, and also identify any areas where DVSA officers have overlooked positive points of compliance or systems that evidence Operator compliance, for example drivers being re-educated, dismissed or disciplined.

A Wealth of Experience in Transport Compliance

For more than 55 years, Foster Transport Compliance has been providing top-of-the-line service in tachograph systems, maintenance system compliance, operator licensing and compliance audits. From individual drivers to multinational companies, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and professional approach.

Expert Witness Service

As Expert Witnesses, we are available for Solicitors, Operators or individuals.

Compliance Audits and Support

All of our audits are undertaken by recognised experts in their subject area.

Training Courses and Events

Fully accredited Driver CPC training provider with recognised transport experts.


Our comprehensive tachograph analysis services ensure full compliance with regulations.
Foster Transport Compliance

Ensure Continuous and Effective Management of Compliance

Many operators are not thoroughly audited and only a few undertake internal audits. Even fewer have a “tick-box” approach to auditing. This is problematic because as we have seen, many clients come to us after a major compliance issue has arisen, at which point the underlying problem has been detected by the enforcement body. Get in touch with us to find out more about you can proactively monitor and audit systems.

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